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Your silicone products manufacturer of choice, Wetop is focused on fleshing out your custom ideas that suit your brand and providing safe and food-grade products to the global market.

Wide Range of Silicone Products

Discover how Wetop takes care of your market needs with our diverse line of high-grade and tailor-fit silicone products

Since 2011

Tirelessly Focus On Silicone Production

Our founder brings a wealth of experience in the silicone industry in manufacturing safe, sustainable, and food-grade silicone products to clients and end-users since the company’s inception in 2011. Backed by an 8,000-square-meter workshop packed with the latest production equipment and a dedicated team of experts, we have successfully partnered with various global brands in expanding their market through our exceptional silicone products.  

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Endless Options for Your Specific Needs

Aimed at providing you with tailor-made solutions based on your specific branding demands and budget, our silicone products allow for an extensive range of options for customization and personalization. 

We are your partners in creating unique and cost-effective silicone products to make your brand stand out!

Superb Mold Making Capability

Superb Mold Making Capability

Understanding that the quality and efficiency of the tools used are paramount to silicone product manufacturers, our production facility houses the latest in mold making equipment.

This includes CNC machines, EDM machines, milling machines, and lathes, creating molds with tight tolerances to save on production costs. We also employ knowledgeable engineers and talented designers to create impeccable molds.

Responsive Turnkey Services From Start to Finish

We take pride in delivering unparalleled customer service to our clients, being conscious about your time, budget, and business needs.

Promptly responding to your inquiries, we lead the pack in giving tailor-made solutions intended to boost your brand and expand your market.

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Your Second to None Choice

Beyond the exceptional quality of our silicone products, our commitment to providing you with value-added services makes us your best partner in silicone product manufacturing.

Sound Supply Chain System

We maintain long-term partnerships with reliable suppliers, ensuring that we have the best-branded materials in producing your silicone products.

Robust Productivity

Taking advantage of our efficient in-house production process and advanced machinery, we complete your silicone product orders within a short timeframe.

Excellent Quality

Maintaining fastidious quality control standards, our silicone products are made with food-grade silicone and comply with FDA and LFGB regulations.

Superior Craftsmanship

Seasoned engineers and workers attentively work on each project, making sure that molds are efficiently cured to retain the high quality of finished products.

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We offer the latest trends, inspiration, and silicone industry insights for highlighting your brand and boosting your business.

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