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We have more than 10 years of experience in the silicone industry, making us a trusted silicone electronic accessories manufacturer. Our reputation is built on the trust we garnered from prestigious brands. On top of our superior silicone electronic accessories, we offer a robust customization service and excel in various silicone post-processing, which can elevate your brand to new heights. Meantime, our robust productivity allows you to tap into any emerging market trend. Ask for a consultation today!

High-heat Resistance



Excellent Flexibility

Dielectric Strength

Easy to Clean

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As a reliable silicone product manufacturer, we have been helping numerous prestigious brands customize superior products since 2011. Supported by robust productivity and extensive silicone professionalism, we excel at designing and manufacturing silicone products as per your specifications. Contact experts today!

Why Wetop is Your Premier Choice

We are dedicated to bringing you a hassle-free and enriching experience to create market-demand and affordable silicone electronic accessories.

Customer Oriented Services

We are good at delivering the best possible service to your needs such as a responsive reply within 12 hours. Our services are geared towards a hassle-free and smooth process when creating your silicone electronic accessories.

Prompt Response

Value-added Services

24/27 Technical Support

Hassle-free After-sales

Cost-effective Prices

Our established supply chain system allows us to acquire high-grade raw materials at reasonable prices. With our superior molding techniques and one-roof production, we can provide you with competitive prices.

Sound Supply Chain System

Manufacturing Under One Roof

Impactful Customization Solution

Customize as per Budget

Superb Craftsmanship

Our staff is hand-picked for their experience and qualifications. Our capable team is well equipped to ensure efficient curing efficiency, minimal flash, and high-grade quality of your silicone electronic accessories. 

0.02MM Tolerance

Smooth Finish

98% Color Matching

Low Scrap

From Scratch To Tangible Product

From Scratch to Tangible Product

Select from hundreds of pre-made mold templates to accomplish your ODM requirements at competitive prices with less hassle. Our mold making capacity and experienced staff can also help you create silicone electronic accessories with a market appealing design from scratch.

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