Silicone Drying Rack

Professional Silicone Drying Rack Manufacturer

Extensive industry knowledge and advanced equipment enable us to produce custom-made wholesale silicone drying racks with minimal burrs and premium quality. Supported by an established supply chain and sufficient inventory, our factory can manufacture large volumes of drying racks in the required time frame. Being familiar with export policies, we carry out strict inspections and follow the highest industry standards to meet and exceed your expectation.

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As a reliable silicone product manufacturer, we have been helping numerous prestigious brands customize superior products since 2011. Supported by robust productivity and extensive silicone professionalism, we excel at designing and manufacturing silicone products as per your specifications. Contact experts today!

Extraordinary Features of Our Products

Made from high-quality food-grade silicone, our silicone molds feature flexible temperature resistance under extreme conditions.

Fully Customized To Your Complete Satisfaction​

Fully Customized to Your Complete Satisfaction

Boasting our powerful design and customization capability, we had attained two silicone drying rack patents. Supported by silicone know-how and expertise, our dedicated designers and engineers are committed to bringing you more superior silicone products and impactful silicone solutions to satisfy you.

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