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Dow Corning

Raw Material Counts

We know that the quality of raw materials is crucial in maintaining the quality of our finished silicone products. Maintaining close partnerships with respected material suppliers like Dow Corning™, Wacker™, and Shin-Etsu™ helps us keep the quality of our incoming materials.

● FDA & LFGB Certified

● Food Grade Silicone

● Reliable Brands

● Rigorous Incoming Tests

Excellent Mold Making Capability

Molded by years of experience and continuous improvement, we pride ourselves on our capability to consistently make outstanding molds that suit your demands.

Manufacturing Solution

Focused on delivering tailor-made solutions for your brand, we adapt various molding methods that yield the best and fastest silicone products that you need.

Compression Molding

Silicone product is heat pressed by a compression vulcanizer on the dedicated compression mold, creating a high-pressure vacuum that copies the mold. This production method is best for larger molds and reduces material waste, therefore also reducing costs.

Liquid Silicone Molding

Liquid silicone rubber is injected into the dedicated mold, which is then given time to cure and adapts the shape of the mold. The process has a fast turnaround period and captures more details, ideal for intricate silicone pieces.

Post Processing

We add more details to your silicone project, imprinting your unique branding on every silicone product.

Logo Printing

Logo Printing

Your brand logo is added to your silicone project in either monochrome or multicolor schemes, based on your specifications. Patterns or designs can also be added on this stage.

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Accentuating the smooth texture of your finished silicone products, we apply food-grade oil painting, which is non-toxic and safe for the food and beverage industries.

Secondary Vulcanization

Secondary Vulcanization

Finished silicone products are placed in a 200°C static oven for post-curing. The post-curing process helps remove excess volatiles, resulting in a cleaner and more durable finish.

Reliable Performance Tests

Equipped with a capable QA team and sophisticated testing equipment, we can guarantee you the premium quality of your silicone products.

Tension Test

Tension is an important quality of silicone products. Our finished silicone products will be subjected to precise tension gauge to examine their tension.

Temperature Test

Extreme temperature tests will be conducted to ensure the superior temperature resistance of our silicone products especially silicone kitchenware.

Aging test

We will undergo an aging test on finished silicone products to ensure exceptional ozone resistance and excellent mechanical properties to withstand the harsh conditions.

Inspect to Every Piece, Every Detail

To guarantee the quality and safety of your silicone products, our professional QC team conducts a full-range inspection during packaging. 

The assessment covers all aspects, from dimensions and product surface to logo and packaging inspection, making sure they match your standards. Packaging can be customized to comply with ISTA tests and FBA shipping requirements.

● Dust Blowing


● Remove Contamination

● ISTA and FBA Compliant


● 100% Full Inspection

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